Directions To Forza

Listed below is our address and directions to our shop. Please contact us prior to your visit so that we may schedule an appointment with you.

Our shop is located at:

3 Martha Lane
Unit #3
Gaylordsville CT 06755

Visit Google Maps to obtain a map of our location.

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In addition we've created driving directions that many of our customers have found useful.

1. From Long Island

2. From New Jersey

3. From New York City

4. From the West

5. From the North

6. From the East

7. Flying In

8. Taking a train from New York City


1. From Long Island: Once over the Whitestone Bridge you'll be on the Hutchinson River Parkway until you can get on 684. Once on 684 reference the directions continued below in 3.

2. From New Jersey: Take 95 north until you can get on the Palisades North, take that until you can get on 287 East which will take you over the Tappan Zee Bridge. Once over the bridge take the second exit (#8) stay to the right on that exit, once you go under the highway you are going to take the next exit which will be for the Saw Mill River Parkway, this exit will split two ways. Take the left hand split which will head you North on the Saw Mill. After several miles this will feed you into 684 North, then follow directions under number 3.

3. From New York City: Take the West Side Highway until it becomes the Saw Mill River Parkway which will feed you into 684 North towards Brewster NY. Stay on 684 north until the end, at the end it becomes route 22, (you might see some exits for route 22 on 684 but donít take them, 684 just becomes route 22 at the end, it will become a two lane road with traffic lights) stay on 22 for about 15 to 18 miles, at which point 55 will split off to the right from 22 (this is 55 East, donít take 55 West which is about 4 miles before that), once on 55 you will go down a small hill and 55 will make a sharp right turn, stay on 55 until the end (about 5 or 6 miles), 55 ends at a stop sign, at which point you are in Connecticut. Turn right at the stop sign and you are on RT 7. Go about ĺ of a mile and you will see a shopping center on your right, turn into that, and behind the main building you will see industrial condos (this is very clear from road). The first condo is N+M Carpet, we are right next to them. Our unit is #3 and there is a small sign above the door that says Forza. To give you a time idea, it is about an hour and half from New York City.

4. From the West: Take I-84 to exit 22 (Note that the exit number may have changed, but it is the exit right after the one for 684 and White Plains, New York City). Then follow directions from above starting at the number 2 above.

5. From the North: Take I-87 South until you can get off exit 17 (the one for Stewart Air Force base and Newburgh NY), then follow directions from the West.

6. From the East: Take I-84 West until you hit exit 7 which is just before Danbury Connecticut. This exit will put you on a small highway for about 5 miles (there is one exit on the highway DO NOT take that exit). The highway will end at a stop light (you can go either left or right) go right at the light. This is Route 7 North, you are going to go about 13 miles on this road. At first there will be many stop lights and eventually the road will become more rural and start to run along a river. You will then enter the town of Gaylordsville (this is a very small town) and on the left will be a shopping plaza. Turn into the plaza and behind the main building in the plaza are industrial condominiums (you can see them from the road when you turn into the plaza). The first in the plaza is a carpet store and we are right next to the carpet store.

7. Flying in: We are located about 2 hours from the major New York City airports such as J.F.K. and La Guardia. From either airport you can take Connecticut Limo (a bus service) 800-472-5466, to Danbury Connecticut and with advance notice, arrangements can be made to pick you up and bring you to our location.

8. Taking the train from New York City. From 42nd Street you can get a train out of Grand Central Station that will take you to Brewster North. At which point you will switch to another train and your final destination will be the Harlem Valley Wing-Dale Train Station (you will have to know the name of the stop for when you call for train time and information) 212-532-4900. The trains are nice and clean and the scenery is very nice. Approximate time to our shop is 1 hour and 49 minutes. Please call in advance so arrangements can be made to pick you up at the train station (we are located 10 minutes from there).